Che is unrealistic. :(

My dream is to start my own famous fashion line so that I don’t have to spend stacks of cash buying expensive clothing made by famous brands. And to be honest, I don’t know how my job will serve others besides charging hundreds of dollars for a piece of clothing that has my brand name inscribed on it to spoiled kids who don’t know how to dress themselves properly. I guess once my brand becomes popular, I can start using that fame to promote awareness, and donate my money to charity. Unlike other famous clothing brands such as Adidas and Nike, I can, perhaps, create a better work environment for my employees and provide those workers with good benefits. In reality, I probably won’t do that though.

In a society where money can buy anything, it is quite rare to see justice happening in this sickening world. Especially in the real world, where people are constantly using each other to benefit themselves. Very greedy. Therefore, Che’s ideology of serving others before themselves sounds more of a dream rather than reality. It would be nice though to have people use their job to benefit people who are in more need. Maybe once I earn enough money, I would start thinking about how I can help others. Maybe one day I will become like Bill Gates, and start my own foundation.sad_che_by_tureplayer420_daj67ls-350t.jpg


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