Bye Bye ICS


High school went by without an instance to stop and cherish the moments. Like what many of our past seniors have spoken, time flew by very quickly. It feels like as if my first day in high school was just weeks ago, but in a blink of eye, I’m now standing in the same positions as the people who I envied and respected as seniors. Today, I feel great remorse as I look back unto specific moments in high school. Maybe I should have spent more time with my closest peers. Maybe, instead of being so focused on my own troubles and satisfaction, I should have made more memories with my friends who I will no longer be able to see in less than a month. No longer will I hear the laughs of my friends. No longer will I eat lunch in my cafeteria table with my friends. No longer will I listen to my friends call me super senior for not doing my Capstone Project even though I finished it before them. No longer, not even a month. Few more days and I’m gone for good. When have I grown so much? The thought of it constantly sends down an eerie feeling down my spine. It’s not sadness nor happiness I feel. It’s a feeling I can’t describe with my own words. 

Looking back to my first blog, I mentioned that if my senior year doesn’t live up to my expectation, I will never set foot in ICS ever again. Well fortunately, it did. Yes, Capstone was terrible, but I got to know more about my friends. Senioritis caused my grades to drop, but on the bright side, I was able to focus on things that were valuable to me such as friendship, family, and Banquet performance. As a senior, these are my final words for ICS. My fellow graduating comrades, I made it. I graduated, so whoever made jokes about me not graduating, I’m coming for you. 


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